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My name is Yoel, I am a 25 years old Cuban and who live in Sweden. I am a simple admirer of aviation and I love to travel. I work as a IT technician, but when time permits , I give myself some travel. Everything goes as long as I take a plane and travel to know a world full of wonderful cities to discover.

I am not the type of person who stays a week locked in an all-inclusive resort. I am more than a backpacker, I have discovered the wealth that each city and country hides, to know its people, its rich cultures and to taste its gastronomy, I simply love it.

The idea of ​​"Travel with Yoel" where to share my experiences and publish what I think of each place I visited came from the interest of my friends to learn more about my travels.

Traveling with Yoel is more than a travel album, because in it you will find useful and practical advice for the traveler, a guide to the places, the trip itself, as well as experiences with airlines.

Here we show you the team that works on Travel with Yoel (VCY)

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Dargel Hubert Tamayo

 Facebook administrator Marketing 


Co-Founder of Viaja con Yoel 

Isaias Majul


Lucia Fernanda


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